Live Dragon Tiger Rules

Dragon & Tiger Poker Game is a game that bets who has the higher points of card.

Game Instructions:

  1. Player will place their bet at their choices from “Dragon” or “Tiger” or “tie”.
  2. Banker will distribute one card, each at “Dragon” & “Tiger”.
  3. To determine the winner, the one (“Dragon” or “Tiger”) who has the highest points will be the winner. If the “Dragon” & “Tiger” got the same points, it is a “TIE” game (regardless of the suit).

K is the highest point & A is the lowest point.
K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, A

Win1:1 Tie1:8

No matter “Dragon” or “Tiger” win, there will be no commission charge on either side. However, if there was a “Tie”, the bet amounts on “Dragon” or “Tiger” will be deducted by 50% as commission charge. The remained balance will be returned to all “Dragon” and “Tiger” players.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Commencement
    • Cards must be skipped on every new shoe. First card of the new shoe will be opened, and the number of cards to be skipped will be based on the number on that first card (J, Q and K will be considered as 10).
    • Any failure in commencement will be corrected if it does not affect the game play. Otherwise, it will result in invalid shoe and a new one will be replaced. Depending on the situation, management reserves the rights to void any resulted games in the shoe.
  2. Burn Cards
    • 1 card will be skipped before the start of every hand.
    • Failure to burn card will result in invalid result for that particular hand. Correction will be carried out if it does not affect any part of the game play.
    • Management reserves the rights to void the erroneous hand. All subsequent game results will stand.
  3. Yellow card
    • Last hand for card games is indicated by yellow card (Dealer's cut).
    • If yellow card is drawn in between dealing, the running game will be the last hand.
    • If game ends and yellow card is the burn card for next game, the latter game will not commence.
    • If additional hands are dealt after the last hand, it will be considered as invalid and voided.
  4. Exposed card
    • In all card games, any exposure of in-game cards (less burn cards) during bets offering will result in voiding of hand and shoe.
    • Appropriate action will be taken by management for exposed cards during shuffling, depending on the stage of shuffling and number of exposed cards.
    • Exposed cards during commencement or burn card does not affect the game play.
  5. Wrong card rules
    • Any wrongful dealing of cards will be corrected as long as the cards remain on the table. Otherwise in the spirit of fair play, management reserves the rights to void or edit result of the erroneous hand.
    • Depending on the situation, management reserves the rights to continue or void the shoe.
  6. Drawing of unnecessary cards (Exposed)
    • If an unnecessary card is drawn, it will be consider as the burn card for next hand.
    • If 2 or more unnecessary cards are drawn, result of the erroneous hand will stand based on card rules and the remaining shoe will be voided and consider invalid.
  7. Dropped cards
    • Cards that fall outside of the camera visual during shuffling, commencement, burning and scooping will be picked up and reused.
    • Cards that fall outside of camera visual during dealing will be reused only if it was exposed before getting out of sight. Otherwise, the particular hand will be voided and the shoe will resume.