Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

  • Why can’t I access 1S Casino website?
    Our website may sometimes be blocked in some countries or regions. Please contact our Customer Support for assistance.
  • Which currency is accepted in 1S Casino?
    CNY Chinese Yuan MYR Malaysian Ringgit
    USD United States Dollar SGD Singapore Dollar
    EUR Euro THB Thai Baht
    GBP Great Britain Pound HKD Hong Kong Dollar
    AUD Australian Dollar IDR Indonesian Rupiah
    BDT Bangladeshi taka PHP Philippine Peso
    INR Indian Rupee KRW Korean Won
  • How old do I have to be to play for Real Money?
    Players for Real Money mode must be at least 18 years of age.
  • What kind of games does the 1S Casino offer?
    1S Casino currently offers over many different gamesWe are working on new games on a day-to-day basis. Players are automatically notified once new games are available.
  • How is the outcome of the games generated?
    To create a randomized outcome for our games, 1S Casino is using a very sophisticated Random Number Generator (RNG) and odds for both real money and fun modes games are created with this system. In all card-based games, like Blackjack and Baccarat, the deck (s) of cards are shuffled prior to each hand being dealt.
  • How can I be sure that the games are fair?
    1S Casino is fully licensed in the Philippines and regulated by CEZA and First Cagayan. The payout percentage, which is the percentage of the total wins out of total bets, is being audited on a monthly basis. Therefore, you can be sure that the games are fair and honest.
  • Are Live Game dealers real or are you just playing tapes?
    Live Games dealers are always live. You can see a TV beside the dealer, which is tuned in CNN or other world-wide known TV programs broadcasted live. You can also chat with dealers online (in English).
  • What happens if I am suddenly disconnected from the Internet while I play?
    Due to several reasons beyond our control, internet connections may malfunction at times. Because of this, we have developed a sophisticated integrated abnormal disconnection handling mechanism to protect the players’ in such an event.

    Please do not panic if you get disconnected from the Internet while you are in a middle of a game. You will be logged out after a certain period of inactivity if you are unable to reconnect to the 1S Casino.

    If you manage to reconnect before you are logged out, the type of game you were playing determines what you will see upon reconnection.In Live Baccarat, if you already betted, you may log-in to the casino again and see how the game had finished by clicking on the “Game History” button. If your bet was not placed yet, you will get a refund.
  • Where can I find complete detailed instructions on the various games?
    In the casino lobby, you will find a “Help” button containing a complete set of instructions and explanations of all casino games. You may also click the “ Help” button while playing to display help on the specific game you are playing.
  • I cannot log in to the Client or Cashier. What should I do?
    There may be several problems. You can try the following solutions first to solve the problem :
    • Close the Fire Wall and anti-virus software.
    • Delete the IE cookies and history, and then restart the computer.
    • If you still cannot log in, we suggest you to re-install the Dafa888 Casino client.
  • Can I request for a higher bet limit?
    We provide different bet limits to players. If your current bet limit d oes not satisfy you , contact your respective agents and they will assist you in changing your bet limit.